COOL STUFF | Summer Reading Can Change Kids

  If the school year gives assignments to broaden kids’ knowledge, shouldn’t summer allow time for kids to assign themselves ways to deepen their own interests? One way to open new worlds is through books, useful tools for even the most reluctant reader. Years ago, an engineering student had read little fiction. While traveling by train, he read the James Bond series and exclaimed, “Is this what reading is all about?”   Perhaps the axiom, “You are what you eat,” could expand to, “You become what you read.” Summer provides plenty of fresh fruit for health and a fresh start on reading choices.   When living in Texas, my family didn’t have air-conditioning. So, I stayed outside riding horses, wading in the bayou, and sitting in my tree house, reading about pioneer adventures.   At nine I learned another axiom, “Readers are writers” and wrote a 26 chapter novel about a tomboy who disappeared one dark, rainy day. When the neighbors looked for clues, they found her raft stuck in the bayou, a bridle thrown on the bank, and a sandal tossed on a path into the woods. A mystery and an adventure had begun.   In the fall, the … Continue reading COOL STUFF | Summer Reading Can Change Kids