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Under the leadership of Hector Martinez, Miller Masonry, Inc. has been in business for eighteen years providing middle Tennessee with their masonry expertise as well as several other services for many different type projects.

Miller Masonry teams are Expert Masons and General Contractors and can address many different needs of residential and commercial properties.

They are licensed and insured to provide a full range of services from basic residential repairs to full start-to-finish commercial projects.

As Hector says, “achieving elegant spaces using quality materials, our teams take pride in every project, large or small, for us, it is an art.”

Here are some of the services that Miller can provide to you:

Existing brick walls, patios, chimneys, mailboxes – if any one of these is need of an update or if you are building a new property -We can help! Define the tone and personality for your property and make your home or commercial property stand out with our beautiful brick masonry. Get in touch and tell us a bit about your project,our masons will assist you with the process of updating or creating a new project.

Concrete Block
Concrete block is known for its strength and durability. However today they are more than just building blocks. Texture and color combinations are endless with the products available on the market. We partner with the best suppliers that offer a broad range of material to choose from, color, shapes, and texture.- Why we also love working with blocks? It contributes to sustainable design through its long life span, energy efficiency, durability, acoustic insulation, and the potential for reuse

Natural beauty comes in truly unique and environmentally friendly forms. Stone can be in various forms; sandstone, limestone, marble, granite, travertine, slate, is the low carbon footprint material of choice for lasting construction. Unlike man-made products, the stone is a truly natural product simply taken from the ground and processed using low energy machinery into the products we use. Stone is inviting, elemental and practical, it connects us to nature through its nuance of textures, colors, and patterns that can’t be duplicated. Stone will last a lifetime, needs no upkeep, adds significant value and has a timeless appeal. Nature has already done all the work of making the material in its plethora of truly unique and environmentally friendly forms.

Affordable concrete driveways and walkways are a must for your property. With more than 20 years of experience laying concrete driveways, walkways, stairs, patios, and porches, you can count on us for all your concrete needs.

Concrete pavers are versatile because they come in many different styles and colors, we provide full installation, sealing and repair.

Retaining Walls
A properly engineered segmented or real stone retaining wall is a sensible and popular choice when constructing a landscape design. Retaining walls are a great option to incorporate into your commercial or residential landscape because their overall height can be adjusted and they are designed with aesthetics in mind.

Miller takes pride in every detail of any project, we make sure the material are up to the highest standards and our team works together toward the same goal, build amazing places for your properties. Residential or commercial Miller Masonry can help.

“We have been in business for 18 years and one of the reasons we have been blessed to be able to do what we do for so long, is because we just love the work that we perform for our clients. We also love seeing our city grow as much as we have seen since the Miller Masonry began”, says Laura Rios, Office Manager.

 We look forward to discussing your project with you. Please visit us at www.millermasonry.net to see some examples of our work and to Request a Quote by email, or if you prefer phone, call 615-294-6124 or 615-335-1920 between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

Hector Martinez, owner Miller Masonry, Inc.

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