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Women Making Their Move

Last month my husband wrote an article on residual income. So, I thought it only fair to give my perspective on this subject, especially since our family derives our residual income from an industry that is dominated by women world wide.

Although I sometimes wish it was happening faster, little by little women are getting their chance to lead in industries across the globe, and many companies are finally realizing that woman can do anything God has called them to do… in any field He calls them to do it in.

In contrast… the network marketing/home-based business industry has known this and flourished under the leadership of women for decades. We move things. We shake things. And we can make or break a business. In short, if women like your product, then they will talk about it.

However, just because we talk about it, does not mean that we financially capitalize on those conversations and recommendations. For example, when is the last time the move theater sent you a check? Or that store with the bulls-eye? Or that book author?

I get it. As women, we don’t always feel motivated by the dollar sign… but our families, along with needing our loving, nurturing, and heart-lead care, also need income to keep a roof over our head and supply or support the things we deem most important.

Further, when it comes to earning this income I can unequivocally say that, after 31 full-time years in this industry, there is a way we can add it to our household’s bottom line with out losing sight of the things that matter most… God, our precious loved ones, our church families, our ministries, etc.

I know this, because I have lived it. And even though it’s fantastic, fun, and very rewarding, it’s also a tool to help our lives financially while keeping our priorities in order.

Also, even though we could talk about a few negative comments and heart judgements of some people about this industry, in the end… it has stood the test of time and is picking up speed by the day. Roughly 200 million people, of all different backgrounds, personality types, and education have been successful in network marking/home-based business, and by all indications it is just getting started.

It can be done as we live our lives, and can bring tons of value to our homes and families as well. Not only from the income it produces, but in how it also broadens our personal connections with others. In fact, there’s nothing more fantastic than meeting people from around the country or globe, from your sofa, while drinking coffee in your jammies.

Ultimately, it enables you to live your life and not just work to get by, and once that residual income starts to flow… it can make car payments on time, pay for activities the kids love, vacations and money to spend on the vacations, college funds, and my favorite… helping others however The Lord leads. The bottom line is it increases our options. It gives us freedom. And we could all use a little more freedom and wiggle room in our bank accounts. Can I get an amen!

Michelle Teague and her husband, Rick, have been in the network marketing industry for over 30 years. Michelle homeschooled their 3, now adult girls, she enjoys spending time with her family, blogging, and seeing women become all God created them to be in every area of their lives.

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