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The Magic of Residual Income

 Residual income…it’s an unknown concept for many, and a mere dream for most others. This is because most people, including perhaps you, earn their income by trading time for money, generally by the hour, week or month. But regardless how often you get paid, or even how much you get paid, when you trade time for money there are two inescapable consequences…your income is active, which means it stops the second you do, and your income is limited, because there are only 24 hours in a day and there is only one “you.”

As an attorney with 2 law degrees, I personally encountered these limitations early on in my career, and my lack of residual income became a major flaw that adversely dominoed into my family, relationships, priorities, values, and health. In short, I found myself on a daily income treadmill that I couldn’t get off of, and that typically chewed up 10-12 hours per day of my precious time. If you’ve experienced any of the same, I can truly empathize with you…but I can also assure you that there are solutions, including one that many people never seriously consider.

This solution is the network marketing profession. Regardless of what you know, think you know, or don’t know about network marketing, it is inarguably one of the most trend driven and fastest growing industries on the planet. Further, when it’s compared to many other occupations, including in my case the legal profession, the advantages it offers are virtually irresistible for many, especially when you factor in that a network marketing business can be developed very part-time and practically risk free.

But here’s the million $ question you may have…does it really work ? For my wife Michelle and I, and numerous others we personally know, that answer is a resounding YES! In short, and at the seemingly unavoidable risk of self-promotion, over our 33 years in the NM profession we have had the honor to train well over 1 million distributors, were recently listed in the profession’s Top 250 Lifetime Earners by Business for Home, and have helped team members earn over $100 million in estimated combined income.

Most importantly, this success has not been at the expense of my marriage, family, priorities or health. In fact, I am in better health now than I was in my 20s, have been ecstatically married for 30 years, have 3 amazing daughters who I spent maximum time with as they were growing up, and now have 3 equally amazing grand kids. Further, Michelle and I are in charge of our own schedules and living our life by design, spending time with our family and traveling when we chose while still earning a great income…all of which is made possible by residual income and the right network marketing company at the right time.

Rick and Michelle Teague

Rick and Michelle Teague have been in the network marketing industry for 33 years, 30 of which have been full time, and have worked side by side with many of its top trainers and income earners. Rick & Michelle recently partnered with a disruptive new company which they feel will be their biggest, best and last, and are currently seeking a few key people that they can personally help develop strong residual incomes with. To discuss the possibilities, leave message at 615-219-5420.